Emma Joleen performed for years in the classical/operatic arena when the penultimate singer’s tragedy struck: She lost her voice. The Aussie musician spent the next year developing her songwriting savvy, penning a stack of savvy compositions—just in time for her voice to return. As a result, Joleen’s 11-track self-titled CD is not only a showcase of her vocal talents, but a calling card of her prose—and the accolades are unending, with a number of the tracks scoring songwriter awards around the world, including a trophy from the Australian Songwriters Assn. as Songwriter of the Year. Lovely ballad “Hello and Goodbye”—which hit No. 1 on the Australian internet radio chart, a rare accomplishment for an indie artist—offers a timeless love song, epic and sky-scraping as it builds to a satisfying climax. Likewise, “Sound of Love” is an elegant, jazz-suffused Sunday brunch buddy. On the other side of the tempo spectrum, “Supergirl,” nominated for a prize at the 17th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards, is an energetic anthem, saucy and sexy, with a churning cacophony of frenetic instrumentation; while the winking, mischievous “Pussycat” sounds as if it could have come from the Katy Perry songbook, as Joleen purrs, “I want to lie down in your lap, I want to feel you stroke my back.” The versatility continues with the giddy piano-driven “Dream of You,” which opens with a vintage AM radio vibe, and sounds like a triumph from Delta Goodrem's catalog; and “Love You,” a straight-ahead pop triumph, with a smooth groove conjuring elements of classic ‘70s soul. Joleen certainly understands the variables of succeeding in the music business; she is professionally imaged and packaged to perfection. With proper promotion and marketing—and a push toward flaunting her wares in a public setting—the singer/songwriter could see her star rise.
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Australian Independent Music Video Awards 2012 - Winners Announced

Best Pop Music Video - Australia 2012 – “Dream Of You” (Performer/Singer/Songwriter – Emma Joleen; Director - Ernest Kevin; Production Unit - Ernest Kevin Productions; Location – Melbourne VIC)

The Australian Independent Music Video Awards 2012 were announced today after considerable expansion accompanied by unexpected controversy. With 50 award categories and hundreds of entries the Australian Independent Music Video Awards is now the world's largest competition for "independent" performers and production units and internationally recognised as the most comprehensive for music videos.


The 2012 Awards saw entries from Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Greenland, Iran, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States of America. Surprisingly several entries were withdrawn without explanation including all entries from China, Iran and one video featuring Pussy Riot of Russia - organisers wish the performers and video production teams well, hoping the withdrawals were not due to political pressure. Entries from Japan and Korea were disqualified as coming from performers signed to major labels as was one entry from the United States. Perhaps these issues are to be expected as the Awards have grown over time.